Investment Management and Planning

Financial Planning

Each client’s financial situation and goals are unique. We invest our time and energy getting to know each client before we invest their money. First, we identify realistic financial goals, and then we recommend a customized investment plan.

Risk Analysis

We identify each client’s risk tolerance to help ensure an appropriate strategy. In today’s dynamic marketplace, and considering inevitable unexpected life circumstance, we seek to both grow and protect our clients’ assets.

Portfolio Construction

We propose an investment model only after we understand each client’s circumstances, goals and risk profile, and have conducted extensive investment manager due diligence. Each client’s portfolio is designed specifically to help maximize returns while managing risk within the context of their specific situation and goals. After investing, we monitor each client’s portfolio to ensure proper asset allocation and make necessary adjustments.

Tax Planning

Proactive tax planning is important both to help each client reach financial goals, and to minimize taxes as a result of investment performance and other financial activities.